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Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution that clears pipes by removing blockages effectively. It involves the use of high-pressure water jets, which can remove debris, clogs, and buildup from the plumbing system. Before the process starts we will inspect and evaluate the drain issues to understand if hydro jetting is required. After the inspection our technician will find the ideal spot to insert a hose and begin pumping the water. Since the hose is highly durable, it will be able to shoot about 20 gallons of water a minute or 5,000 psi. This high water pressure will force the material blocking the pipes to flow down the sewer system. Regardless of whether the pipe has grease or mineral build-up, hydro jetting will take care of it.


Most of us take our residential pipe systems for granted because we do not service our pipes until they are experiencing serious issues that are inconveniencing us. Drains can become blocked for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, an item dropped into a drain or flushed down the toilet can be blamed. A gradual accumulation of hair, food scraps, soap scum, mud, or cooking fat can lead to a blockage. It is also possible for drains to slow down due to tree roots growing into the pipes.

Residential Hydro Jetting

Our technicians understand how important it is to make sure your residential sewer and drain pipes are properly cared for to prevent pipe problems from occurring or take care of existing problems that are prohibiting you from performing daily activities.

Our more rural clients have found a routine clearing to be beneficial to their property.

Commercial Hydro Jetting

At Plumbing By Kirk, we provide our commercial customers with state of the art drain cleaning services they can count on throughout the year to ensure they never lose business due to troublesome pipe problems. Our technicians services commercial properties including, but not limited to: restaurants, cafes, indoor and outdoor shopping malls, medical facilities, sports facilities, hotels, resorts, airports and office buildings.

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