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10 Preventative Tips For Your Home

1 - Check Main Shut-Off Valves (includes Gas & WATER)

Exercising this at least 5 times to assure they work when needed every quarter.


2 - Drain Water Heater Annually

On a standard Water Heater: 5 gallons 1 time a month from the bottom of water heater.

On Tankless Water Heater:  They need to be descaled 1 to 2 times a year.

3 - Keep area drains clear and free of debris to reduce stoppages

Maintenance: Test that water flow in the backyard drains and exits at the curb in the same amount. If not Hydro-Jet and clean drains as needed.

4 - Have rain gutters cleaned annually

Maintain as needed to be prepared for heavy rains.

5 - Change out Washing Machine hoses

Some Manufactures highly recommend changing every 2 years.

6 - Make sure there is water in every drain in the house regardless of use (Due to Sewer Gasses)

If there is a drain that does not get used it can allow sewer gasses to enter the home. (These gasses can be dangerous to ones health)

7 - Check all Faucets and Toilets for leaks

A drip from a faucet or toilet or hose spicket can waste up to 50 gallons a day.

8 - Slow drains - DO NOT use Chemicals, have them snaked

There are chemicals that can clear drains, however the best way is to have it cleared properly then keep it clear with chemicals.

9 - Lemons - Yes use Lemons in your drains weekly as they are natures drain cleaners.

Citrus acid is a natural way of maintenance, cuts grease and smells great!

10 - If you have a "Clean Out" for the whole house, it should be snaked annually

Most homes have a mainline clean out. Basic maintenance is once a year to keep the lines clear.

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