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It is estimated that 85 percent of homes are using untreated hard water. Hard water is any type of water that contains excess metals and materials, such as magnesium and calcium. Even though hard water is safe to use in most cases, you may want to consider having a water softener installed. A water softener is a device that helps remove excess minerals from the water, giving you a cleaner supply.

Your home's water quality depends on several factors. Minerals make their way into your home's water by dissolving from things such as rocks or metals. They travel from the source of water to your home. These minerals found in the water are what contribute to water hardness. A water softener is responsible for softening your home's water by removing minerals from inside through a process known as ion-exchange, leaving you with soft water.

The Benefits

Water softeners leave you with a number of great benefits, including the following:

  • Softer skin

  • Cleaner hair

  • Cleaner dishes

  • Less time spent cleaning

  • Brighter and softer clothes

  • Prevent damage to your plumbing and appliances

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Making The Choice

If you are considering a water softener, trust our water softener installation experts at Plumbing by Kirk. We thoroughly evaluate your home and water usage to match you with the perfect system. We then install the softener quickly, and in a spot that will maximize the efficiency of the unit. Our SoCal water softener installation technicians leave nothing to chance, and once the unit is installed, we will show you how it works and check that everything was done correctly.

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